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Our Philosophy of Theatre

The ancient theatre at Kos, Greece

We love plays with big meanings that transcend particular ages and cultures.  And we we hope that cultural influences, including theatre, can change some part of the human family—or even one person—toward a more bearable, insightful, hopeful, or self-determining state. The subjects of our plays may include individual liberty, family, power, religion, death, or other fundamental issues of human existence.

The Board of Directors

William Goodman, Treasurer

Stephen Jarrett

Richard K. Tharp, Ph.D., Chairperson

Lisa Troshinsky

James Y.S. Yap

Robert Yetvin, Secretary


Star cluster NGC 362, courtesy of NASA

In 1988, the original Edge of the Universe Players presented RE-SUR-REK, a “vicious comedy” that found similar characters and similar power structures in three worlds: a shared house of countercultural free spirits, a corporate headquarters, and a fundamentalist Christian church. In that play, the corporation eventually became all-powerful, and both the shared house and the church in the end became just like the corporation. To the surprise of many, RE-SUR-REK received a round of highly favorable reviews; Bob Mondello in City Paper even expressed a hope for weeks of extended performances.

In 2012, Bill Goodman, author of RE-SUR-REK, started The Edge of the Universe Players 2, now known as The Edge of the Universe Theater.  We first produced Atheist’s Paradise, a comedy—and drama—concerned with the origin of the universe and society’s treatment of the dissident. In early 2013, theatrical sound designer Ed Moser, financial professional James Yap, and writer and producer Goodman incorporated the company as a non-profit organization. In November 2013, we produced the 15th century English drama The Summoning of Everyman, in which Everyman is summoned by Death. In July 2014, we moved on to the 20th century with Chesapeake, by Lee Blessing, in which a strange man is transformed into a dog. For both shows, reviews were unanimously positive.  More recently, we produced Entertaining Mr Sloane, by Joe Orton, a dark comedy with dark implications about love relationships, the effects of parents on children, and more, yet it’s a play with abundant laughs.  Once again, reviews were highly positive.  We then moved on to Pullman, WA, by Young Jean Lee, in which three helpers attempt to enlighten us but melt down themselves, and a reading of Goodman’s Seashell, in which a troubled young man searches the world for the great “thing” even though he doesn’t know what it is. Since incorporation, all projects but one have been well received by audiences and press.

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